MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Statewide Voter Guide — September 24, 2018

California’s “top two” primary election process, established by voter-approved Proposition 14 in 2010, has converted the June primary election into a nonpartisan-like event where only the top two vote-getters move on to the November general election.

This finds a few statewide races, which are addressed in the piece below, with no registered Republican candidates. Consequently, Democrats are noted with an asterisk (*) and No Party Preference (NPP) are noted with a double asterisk (**). As a member of the California Republican Party, I am encouraged to endorse those candidates who have been registered as Republicans for at least one year.

If you want a quick summary of the information below, those listed in bold are registered Republicans and have my endorsement. Candidates listed in italics would be those whom I would lean towards, as I do not have a Republican alternative. Those in normal type are provided, in the case of the statewide positions, as the second choice.

This is a voter guide to assist you in your decision-making process as you mail in your ballots or enter the voting booth. It is a tool in your research endeavors as an involved citizen. You are more than welcome to disagree with my recommendations and my decision grid. Just have a good reason for your vote.

Allow me to share some thoughts on my recommendations for a few of those candidates seeking statewide offices. For U.S. Senate, I would like to share that former Senate President Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy when I arrived to the State Senate in March of 2015. Although I have voted against most of his major initiatives, we kept a very cordial relationship. We likened it to the wolf and the sheepdog in the old television cartoon shows, where they beat each other up during the day but, at the close of the work shift, they clock out together and walk off as friends. I’m sure he will support any Democrat opponent I may encounter, as this is a partisan sport, but we’ll still have good one-on-one communications.

Sen. DeLeon allowed me to fully participate in the “No Place Like Home” efforts, including editing original bill language and being a joint author on SB 1206, which pursued putting Proposition 2 on the November ballot (see MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — 2018 Ballot Measures — September 21, 2018).

I believe the incumbent, Dianne Feinstein, will prevail, as incumbents win 90 percent of the time. I do not believe Feinstein should have rerun for a host of reasons, but she is the more moderate of the two candidates. I see this race as an opportunity for Kevin DeLeon to position himself to possibly replace Senator Feinstein over the next four and maybe six years, as the California Governor appoints a replacement for U.S. Senators when there is a vacancy, as was the case recently with Sen. John McCain’s successor. Consequently, the vote for the next California Governor is more critical. Having a Republican Governor may shape national politics if Feinstein is re-elected. This is another strong reason for Republicans to show up at the polls.

For Lieutenant Governor, I have had the honor of serving with State Senator Ed Hernandez over these past four Sessions. We also disagree on almost every issue, but we have done it with professionalism and humor. Senator Hernandez is a class act and will receive my vote. If he wins, I hope to see him in the Capitol for the next four years, as his potential new office will be one floor below mine. For the record, I have not seen the current Lieutenant Governor in the Capitol hallways since I arrived.

For Insurance Commissioner, I’m leaning toward former Republican and former State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. I have enjoyed working with State Senator Ricardo Lara, but he is also to the left of Dianne Feinstein. I believe Poizner is better prepared to take back the position for another term and he and I have enjoyed a good relationship since his first stint in this position.

For Superintendent of Public Instruction, I prefer Marshall Tuck. I have worked with Assemblyman Tony Thurmond in the Legislature. Most Democratic legislators don’t wear their public employee union credentials on their sleeves, but Thurmond does. In fact, he is hardcore and, consequently, is receiving plenty of support from these unions, even the prison guard union. Someone that beholden is not going to be a change agent in a union controlled Capitol.

While I’m at it, it has been a true honor and privilege to work with Senators Gaines and Anderson these past four Sessions. Both are consummate professionals and will do admirable jobs serving as State Board of Equalization Board Members.

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