MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — City Council Races (#27 – #14) — October 6, 2018

The piece below is the second and third groups of seven Orange County cities, #27 – #14, in my city council Voter Guide series. Since I was interrupted with news stories the last couple of days, I’m doubling up.

For the first group, #34 – #28, go to MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — City Council Races (#34 – 28) — October 2, 2018. Please note, there was an editing error on the last UPDATE e-mail which left off the remainder of the races in the city of Anaheim.

The Voter Guide screening and selection process is simple. I first provide those candidates that are registered Republicans. For positions with no Republican candidates, in this group of 14, I either have no recommendations or indicate the sole Democrat candidate with an asterisk (*). I do mention an American Independent Party candidate (***) as it is a conservative party and it endorsed me in my races for State Senate. Candidates who are “Declined to State” or “No Party Preference” are noted with two asterisks (**). Those in bold are endorsed. Those in italics are a good first or second choice.

Smaller groupings allow me to provide more color, so here is the second of the five.

Orange — There are a number candidates. Those I endorsed contacted me early in the game. For the two in italics, let me note that Jon Dimitru is a former council member and we enjoyed a great working relationship in our prior roles. Zachary Collins was an incredible volunteer on my March 2015 Senate campaign.

For the ballot measures, see MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — 2018 Ballot Measures — September 21, 2018.

For statewide races, see MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Statewide Voter Guide — September 24, 2018.

For local Federal, State and Countywide races, see MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Federal/State/OC Races — September 26, 2018.

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