MOORLACH UPDATE — Noogies — September 1, 2018

You know me as a hard working professional who takes his job seriously, at least from the communicating I do with the UPDATEs. But I do not take life too seriously. I like to joke and tease. But, I am more of a “worker bee,” usually into the details of legislation before me, than a “social butterfly.” But, both are necessary in this role.

When asked to pose with individuals for a photograph, I occasionally get playful in order to provide the guests with a different, less staid pose. Well, this infrequent behavior has gotten me into trouble.

I’m sorry that I upset someone. I misjudged their “fun-factor.” I did not mean to hurt anyone. But, I will stop my unique sense of humor in the future.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune provides the results of an investigation that was triggered by a call to the Senate’s hotline. With a sense of humor, there is always the risk of being misinterpreted or misunderstood.

I apologize to my family, friends, and colleagues for jovial actions that may be deemed unbecoming of a State Senator. Know that I am sorry and that it was done with a good nature and without malice.

Other than that, Session concluded a little before midnight last evening and I’m back in the District until the end of the year. Have a great Labor Day weekend.


California senator agrees to discontinue ‘fun-loving’ noogie practices



State Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, promises he will stop giving noogies to members of the public. The vow comes in response to a formal complaint that he delivered an unwelcome noogie while posing for a photo.

An investigation into the matter confirmed the woman’s allegation that he put her in a headlock and gave her a noogie on one occasion, which she said made her feel uncomfortable.

In a letter sent to Moorlach earlier this week and released publicly on Friday, the Senate Rules Committee urged him to discontinue the practice.

“The behavior, while not sexual in nature, was clearly unwelcome,” the Senate Rules Committee concluded.

Moorlach told investigators he frequently engages in noogies. Pictures of him engaging in the practice have appeared on social media, and he said that it is done in fun and “usually goes viral.” The committee urged him to take the matter more seriously, and he responded by confirming he will put an end to the practice.

“I am a fun-loving individual who is guilty of occasional playfulness,” Moorlach said in a statement. “I apologize for giving a ‘noogie’ to someone who requested a photo. It was done during a light-hearted moment with others present. However, I will discontinue this innocent and gregarious behavior in the future.”


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