MOORLACH UPDATE — Caltrans’ Incompetence — April 12, 2017

KFI’s John and Ken were kind enough to let me vent yesterday afternoon and, yes, it was good therapy. Their focus was the irony of giving Caltrans more funding, with the passage of Senate Bill 1, when it has been so blatantly mismanaged.

Let me give you a more recent example. Just today I received a FedEx package from Caltrans. The accompanying letter was dated March 30th. It had to do with the Costa Mesa Freeway (SR 55) and a public meeting to be held on April 20th. It also included a CD-Rom.

A few thoughts. First, the state provided me and my staff with computers last year that do not have CD-Rom drives. So how am I supposed to benefit from this disk? Second, why the rush? And thirdly, why not paperless? Just send me an e-mail with the hyperlink to the information, please.

No wonder I was asked during the interview what I would do to reform Caltrans. As someone who stepped into a troubled department and performed a turnaround, I know that something must be done at Caltrans. Our poor, our middle-class, and our commuters deserve it.

The KFI post is the piece below and you can listen to the conversation at

Somewhere in the discussion I received a compliment for messaging on this topic for the last two years. My team and I will take it. Yes! It’s just a shame that it was to no avail. But, what was also implied is that we could do more messaging.

KFI included a link to my SB 1 Floor speech on their web page (also see MOORLACH UPDATE — Auditor-Controller Legislation — April 11, 2017 april 11, 2017 john moorlach).

Sen. John Moorlach on gas/car tax & Caltrans’ incompetence

Posted by Nick VaVerka

Last week Sacramento legislators passed a massive tax raise, jacking up gas and diesel prices as well as vehicle registration costs.

The new tax money will not go to fixing roads, it hasn’t in the past and it won’t now. Caltrans, one of the most incompetent agencies in the state, will be getting a lot of this new tax money.

For years they wasted money, did nothing, and our streets crumbled. State Senator John Moorlach has followed the corruption in Caltrans for years.

He joined us this afternoon to talk about the latest tax raise and where the money will really go.


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