MOORLACH UPDATE — Fresno High-Speed Rail — March 8, 2017

California must drop high-speed rail if it is serious about its roads and dams. How can the Governor, in clear conscience, raise taxes on the poor and continue this unneeded project (see MOORLACH UPDATE — High Speed Shafter — June 21, 2016 june 21, 2016 john moorlach)?

Television stations KSEE and KGPE out of Fresno provided me an opportunity to give another prophecy in the piece below. Predicting financial debacles has become my hobby. And high-speed rail will be a boondoggle of massive proportions. Hit the link, as the video is well worth watching (see Your Central Valley).

A little clarification. My old and dear friend, Henry Perea, Sr., former Fresno County Supervisor, provides the pro-side of this debate. His son, Henry, Jr., was, until recently, a California Assemblyman. So, in the piece, Henry, Sr. is identified by his son’s former title. Henry, Sr. recently ran unsuccessfully for the Mayorship of Fresno and is a highly regarded leader in this community.

Funding Woes Spell Trouble For High Speed Rail Project

By: Eric Luttrell

California’s High Speed Rail project is in trouble after a one-two punch from the Federal Government, and word that a critical California revenue stream appears to be drying up. Leaders of the sixty four billion dollar project trying to figure out what to do next after word that president trump is pulling funding for a critical component of the Rail system ..along with disastrous numbers from a vital cap and trade auction.

Fresno County Assemblyman Henry Perea addressed the Trump administration’s decision to stop a half billion dollar grant for construction of a major component of the "blended" bullet train system on the San Francisco Peninsula. "And they’re saying that pending the completion of their budget they want to hold of for the $647 million dollars for the electrification of cal train" Perea says. He adds funding for the valley portion of the project remains secure.

Washington, D.C is only part of the problem. A recent California cap and trade auction projected to generate six hundred million dollars for the project only produced ten million. "Everybody knows deep inside that the minute that train is done, Southwest Airlines will reduce the cost of their plane tickets and you’ll get to San Francisco in one hour, not four, and you’ll do it a lot cheaper on a jet. and that train will languish and be the biggest boondoggle in U.S.. history", according to Senator John Moorlach, (R), Costa Mesa.

Assemblyman Perea says the central valley portion will be built.. what comes next is anyone’s guess. "we’re confident that we will complete the valley system on time within budget we will connect to the silicon valley", said Perea, adding that he remains confident in Governor Brown’s vision for the project.

Perea says the trump administration should reconsider it’s priorities.

"when you think about now some folks wanting to build a fifty billion dollar wall , on the southern border of our country instead of spending the money to build high speed rail another major infrastructure project it shows that there is a level of politics",


This e-mail has been sent by California State Senator John M. W. Moorlach, 37th District.

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