MOORLACH UPDATE — 2016 Scorecards — November 15, 2016

There are a number of organizations in Sacramento that have outstanding reputations of defending small businesses and taxpayers. They usually have a portfolio of bills that they monitor, encouraging a support or opposition position. At the end of Session, they usually provide their analysis of how the State Senators voted.

These legislative scorecards are provided below in the same order. They are from the:

California Taxpayers Association (CalTax), where I earned a perfect score;

California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA), where I also earned a perfect score (you’ll have to click on the link);

National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), where I also earned a perfect score and includes a narrative from The Flashreport;

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, where I earned an 85.5 percent score. So, let me explain.

AB 700 — Abstained (Laid Off) — I believe that more disclosure in campaign mailers is required, but that the overall bill had deficiencies that exceeded this intent. My abstention is a signal that I’m willing to work with the proponents for a better piece of legislation in the future.

AB 1494 — Aye — I believe that ballot selfies are a First Amendment right.

AB 1921 — Aye — I support vote by mail.

AB 2586 — No — I oppose Sacramento’s dictating how cities should manage their affairs, including the parking of vehicles.

SB 450 — Aye — I support vote by mail.

California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber), where I also earned a perfect score.

BONUS: It takes a strong team behind me to drive our policy and messaging and I have a great one. My legislative support staff is highly regarded in the Capitol. They work diligently behind the scenes and have to be flexible, especially with a boss who can go “independent” at times, as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association score indicates. I’m pleased to announce a new addition, Eric Dietz. His bio is provided directly below:

Policy Consultant: Eric Dietz
Eric Dietz has almost a decade of experience working for the California legislature. While majoring in Government at California State University, Sacramento and serving on the Board of Directors for College Republicans, Mr. Dietz discovered his passion for politics. This passion is what led him to a career in the Legislature where he has worked for four members of the California State Assembly. Mr. Dietz began his political career as a Field Representative in San Diego, but quickly realized the State Capitol is where he wanted to be. During his time in the State Capitol, Mr. Dietz has worked on a variety of issues including the state budget, elections, labor, public employment, and pensions. Mr. Dietz is also very active in the Sacramento community where he volunteers for several different organizations.

Joel Anderson R-El Cajon (SD 38) 100.00%
Patricia Bates R-Laguna Hills (SD 36) 100.00%
Tom Berryhill R-Oakdale (SD 8) 100.00%
Ted Gaines R-El Dorado Hills (SD 1) 100.00%
Bob Huff R-Brea (SD 29) 100.00%
John M. W. Moorlach R-Costa Mesa (SD 37) 100.00%
Mike Morrell R-Rancho Cucamonga (SD 23) 100.00%
Janet Nguyen R-Garden Grove (SD 34) 100.00%
Jim Nielsen R-Roseville (SD 4) 100.00%
Sharon Runner R-Lancaster (SD 21) 100.00%
Jeff Stone R-Murrieta (SD 28) 100.00%
Andy Vidak R-Fresno (SD 14) 100.00%
Jean Fuller R-Bakersfield (SD 16) 96.15%
Anthony Cannella R-Merced (SD 12) 92.59%
Cathleen Galgiani D-Stockton (SD 5) 84.62%
Richard Roth D-Riverside (SD 31) 70.37%
Steve Glazer D-Walnut Creek (SD 7) 61.54%
Ben Hueso D-Chula Vista (SD 40) 56.00%
Jim Beall D-Campbell (SD 15) 50.00%
Marty Block D-San Diego (SD 39) 50.00%
Kevin de León D-Los Angeles (SD 24) 50.00%
Bob Hertzberg D-Van Nuys (SD 18) 50.00%
Hannah-Beth Jackson D-Santa Barbara (SD 19) 50.00%
William Monning D-Monterey (SD 17) 50.00%
Richard Pan D-Sacramento (SD 6) 50.00%
Ed Hernandez D-West Covina (SD 22) 48.39%
Jerry Hill D-San Mateo (SD 13) 48.28%
Ricardo Lara D-Long Beach (SD 33) 46.67%
Holly Mitchell D-Los Angeles (SD 30) 46.67%
Fran Pavley D-Calabasas (SD 27) 46.67%
Mark Leno D-San Francisco (SD 11) 46.43%
Bob Wieckowski D-Fremont (SD 10) 46.43%
Carol Liu D-Glendale (SD 25) 46.15%
Connie Leyva D-Chino (SD 20) 44.83%
Mike McGuire D-Santa Rosa (SD 2) 44.83%
Ben Allen D-Redondo Beach (SD 26) 44.44%
Isadore Hall D-San Pedro (SD 35) 44.44%
Lois Wolk D-Vacaville (SD 3) 42.31%
Loni Hancock D-Oakland (SD 9) 40.74%
Tony Mendoza D-Cerritos (SD 32) 40.74% = 9-0

CMTA vote record reveals legislative champions for

manufacturing competitiveness in California

Sacramento, CA — Today the California Manufacturers & Technology Association
(CMTA) released its 2016 Manufacturing Vote Record for the state’s 120 legislators.
It identifies action taken on the nine most important floor votes in the Assembly and

You can download the 2016 Manufacturing Vote Record here showing that 49
legislators, including Democrats and Republicans, support California manufacturers
on more than half the bills.

“CMTA thanks the many legislators who understand the importance of California’s
innovative manufacturers and the good jobs they create in the state,” said CMTA
President Dorothy Rothrock. “As the most advanced and energy efficient
manufacturing economy in the world, it should be a high priority to make California
competitive for new manufacturing investments to meet our ambitious state
economic and environmental goals.”

CMTA notes that there were many important manufacturing votes, on the floor and in
policy committees, not included in this analysis. The bills included in the Vote Record
represent the industry priority bills that received one or more floor votes during the

Reality Check: Which legislators are failing small


Posted by Tom Scott at 7:01 am on Oct 04, 2016NFIB/CA - 8th Annual Day at the Capitol Event

tom scott

It’s easy to be a politician and claim to be a friend of small business. However, the annual NFIB Voting Record separates political rhetoric from reality. Each year, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/California walks the halls of the State Capitol urging legislators to support small business in California. We know that the health of the California economy depends very much on the health of California’s small businesses.

We also know there is a critical difference between saying you’re a friend of small business during campaign season, then once elected voting against small businesses at every turn. Following what was truly one of the most devastating years for small businesses in the State Capitol, NFIB today unveiled its 2016 voting record which provides a reality check as to who is and is not putting their votes where their rhetoric is.

NFIB/CA identifies and lobbies on bills which would have the most significant impact, either positive or negative, on small businesses. Based on their vote on these critical pieces of legislation, each member of the Legislature receives a percentage indicating how often he or she voted to support small business. We are pleased to see 13 Senators and 31 Assemblymembers voted with small business at least 70 percent of the time, but these numbers still only represent a minority of each chamber’s membership.

It is especially alarming to see some members of the legislature only receiving 17 or 18 percent with NFIB, while having some of the highest unemployment rates in California in their districts. We urge those who are failing small business to reflect on our voting record and strive to support small business with their votes in 2017.

As for our 100% club and NFIB friends of small business, we applaud your efforts in the State Capitol to support small businesses. Together, we understand the only way to rebuild our economy and strengthen our communities starts with supporting small businesses and protecting them from additional taxes, mandates, and complex regulation.

NFIB/CA assessed California legislators on 12 bills vital to the health of small business in California during the 2016 half of the 2015-16 legislative session. 29 legislators had impressive 100% scores; however 62 legislators failed small business this year with scores ranging from 27% to just 8%. The complete NFIB Voting Record with the bill numbers, description, and votes can be found here.

Tom Scott is the State Executive Director for NFIB California, which represents 22,000 dues-paying small business members across the state.

NFIB 100% Club
Senator Joel Anderson (38, Alpine) 100%
Senator Patricia Bates (36, Laguna Niguel) 100%
Senator Tom Berryhill (08, Modesto) 100%
Senator Anthony Cannella (12, Ceres) 100%
Senator Jean Fuller (16, Bakersfield) 100%
Senator Ted Gaines (01, El Dorado Hills) 100%
Senator Bob Huff (29, San Dimas) 100%
Senator John Moorlach (37, Costa Mesa) 100%
Senator Mike Morrell (23, Rancho Cucamonga) 100%
Senator Janet Nguyen (34, Garden Grove) 100%
Senator Jim Nielsen (04, Gerber) 100%
Senator Jeff Stone (28, Temecula) 100%
Senator Andy Vidak (14, Hanford) 100%
Assemblymember Travis Allen (72,Huntington Beach) 100%
Assemblymember Frank Bigelow (05, O’Neals) 100%
Assemblymember William Brough (73, Dana Point) 100%
Assemblymember Beth Gaines (06, El Dorado Hills) 100%
Assemblymember James Gallagher (03, Nicolaus) 100%
Assemblymember Shannon Grove (34, Bakersfield) 100%
Assemblymember Matthew Harper (74, Huntington Beach) 100%
Assemblymember Brian Jones (71, Santee) 100%
Assemblymember Young Kim (65, Fullerton) 100%
Assemblymember Tom Lackey (36 Palmdale) 100%
Assemblymember Devon Mathis (26, Visalia) 100%
Assemblymember Chad Mayes (42, Yucca Valley) 100%
Assemblymember Jay Obernolte (33, Big Bear Lake) 100%
Assemblymember Jim Patterson (23, Fresno) 100%
Assemblymember Donald Wagner (68, Irvine) 100%
Assemblymember Scott Wilk (38, San Clarita) 100%
NFIB Friends of Small Business
Assemblymember Rocky Chavez (76, Oceanside) 92%
Assemblymember Marc Steinorth (40, Rancho Cucamonga) 92%
Assemblymember Marie Waldron (75, Escondido) 92%
Assemblymember Ling-Ling Chang (55, Diamond Bar) 91%
Assemblymember Brian Dahle (01, Bieber) 91%
Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian (35, San Luis Obispo) 83%
Assemblymember Melissa Melendez (67, Lake Elsinore) 83%
Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (77, San Diego) 82%
Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (12, Modesto) 82%
Assemblymember Tom Daly (69, Anaheim) 75%
Assemblymember David Hadley (66, Manhattan Beach) 73%
Assemblymember Rudy Salas (32, Bakersfield) 73%
Assemblymember Adam Gray (21, Merced) 71%
Assemblymember Catharine Baker (16, Dublin) 70%
Assemblymember Eric Linder (60, Corona) 70%
Needs Improvement
Assemblymember Jim Cooper (09, Elk Grove) 64%
Assemblymember Jim Frazier (11, Oakley) 64%
Senator Steven Glazer (07, Orinda) 55%
Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (47, San Bernardino) 50%
Assemblymember Nora Campos (27, San Jose) 45%
Assemblymember Ken Cooley (08, Rancho Cordova) 42%
Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh (45, Encino) 42%
Assemblymember Bill Dodd (04, Napa) 42%
Assemblymember Mike Gipson (64, Carson) 38%
Assemblymember Jose Medina (61, Riverside) 36%
Senator Richard Roth (31, Riverside) 33%
Assemblymember Chris Holden (41, Pasadena) 30%
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (44, Thousand Oaks) 30%
Failing Small Business
Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula (31, Fresno) 27%
Assemblymember Ian Calderon (57, Whittier) 27%
Assemblymember Ed Chau (49, Arcadia) 27%
Assemblymember Kansen Chu (25, San Jose) 27%
Assemblymember Marc Levine (10, San Rafael) 27%
Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (54, Los Angeles) 27%
Assemblymember Freddie Rodriquez (52, Pomona) 27%
Assemblymember Shirley Weber (79, Santa Clarita) 27%
Assemblymember Susan Bonilla (14, Concord) 25%
Assemblymember Mike Gatto (43, Glendale) 25%
Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (51, Los Angeles) 25%
Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman (13, Stockton) 22%
Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (56, Coachella) 22%
Assemblymember Autumn Burke (62, Inglewood) 20%
Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (58, Bell Gardens) 20%
Assemblymember Roger Hernandez (48, West Covina) 20%
Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (22, South San Francisco) 20%
Assemblymember Bill Quirk (20, Hayward) 20%
Senator Cathleen Galgiani (05, Stockton) 20%
Senator Ben Hueso (40, San Diego) 20%
Senator Richard Pan (06, Sacramento) 20%
Assemblymember Richard Bloom (50,Santa Monica) 18%
Assemblymember Rob Bonta (18, Alameda) 18%
Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (80, San Diego) 18%
Assemblymember Richard Gordon (24, Menlo Park) 18%
Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer (59, Los Angeles) 18%
Assemblymember Evan Low (28, Campbell) 18%
Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (46, Sherman Oaks) 18%
Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (53, Los Angeles) 18%
Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (15, Richmond) 18%
Assemblymember Jim Wood (02, Healdsburg) 18%
Senator Ed Hernandez (22, Azusa) 18%
Senator Connie Leyva (20, Chino) 18%
Senator Mike McGuire (02, Healdsburg) 18%
Senator Holly Mitchell (30, Los Angeles) 18%
Assemblymember Toni Atkins (78, San Diego) 17%
Assemblymember David Chiu (17, San Francisco) 17%
Assemblymember Patty Lopez (39, San Fernando) 17%
Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (61, Roseville) 17%
Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (63, Lakewood) 17%
Assemblymember Mark Stone (29, Scotts Valley) 17%
Assemblymember Philip Ting (19, San Francisco) 17%
Senator Ben Allen (26, Santa Monica) 17%
Senator Jim Beall (15, San Jose) 17%
Senator Marty Block (39, San Diego) 17%
Senator Kevin De Leon (24, Los Angeles) 17%
Senator Isadore Hall (35, Compton) 17%
Senator Loni Hancock (09, Berkeley) 17%
Senator Robert Hertzberg (18, Van Nuys) 17%
Senator Jerry Hill (13, San Mateo) 17%
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (19, Santa Barbara) 17%
Senator Ricardo Lara (33, Bell Gardens) 17%
Senator Mark Leno (11, San Francisco) 17%
Senator Carol Liu (25, La Canada Flintridge) 17%
Senator Tony Mendoza (32, Artesia) 17%
Senator William Monning (17, Carmel) 17%
Senator Fran Pavley (27, Agoura Hills) 17%
Senator Bob Wieckowski (10, Fremont) 17%
Senator Lois Wolk (03, Davis) 17%
Assemblymember Luis Alejo (30, Watsonville) 13%
Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (70, Long Beach) 13%
Assemblymember Das Williams (37, Santa Barbara) 8%

2016 HJTA Legislative Report Card

Our report card is designed to help Californians gauge how their state representatives are actually performing on taxpayer-related issues both positive and negative. Positive proposals include bills that clarify the parcel tax exemption process for seniors and create additional campaign finance transparency, negative bills include a car battery tax increase, which we chose to double-weight in our scoring, and numerous bills which serve to undercut the ballot initiative process.

1 Gaines R A 100.0
4 Nielsen R A 100.0
14 Vidak R A 99.4
16 Fuller R A 97.9
36 Bates R A 96.5
28 Stone R A 95.8
34 Nguyen R A 93.4
38 Anderson R A 93.3
23 Morrell R A 91.7
37 Moorlach R B 85.5
8 Berryhill R B 84.8
29 Huff R D 60.8
12 Cannella R D 55.6
5 Galgiani D F 33.3
31 Roth D F 31.5
40 Hueso D F 31.2
17 Monning D F 27.1
22 Hernandez D F 26.7
33 Lara D F 26.7
27 Pavley D F 26.6
39 Block D F 26.1
24 De Leon D F 26.1
20 Leyva D F 25.9
15 Beall D F 25.7
25 Liu D F 25.0
10 Wieckowski D F 24.1
13 Hill D F 24.0
11 Leno D F 24.0
30 Mitchell D F 23.9
19 Jackson D F 23.1
6 Pan D F 22.9
18 Hertzberg D F 22.3
32 Mendoza D F 22.2
7 Glazer D F 21.7
3 Wolk D F 20.8
2 McGuire D F 20.7
26 Allen D F 19.1
35 Hall D F 18.8
9 Hancock D F 17.2
21 Runner R N/A 0.0

The California Chamber of Commerce has released a report of California legislators’ floor votes for the second year of the 2015-16 legislative session, focusing on priority bills to the state’s business community.

View the 2016 Vote Record

This is the 42nd vote record the CalChamber has compiled. The CalChamber publishes this report in response to numerous requests by member firms and local chambers of commerce that would like a gauge by which to measure the performance of their legislators.

To help readers assess legislators’ vote records, the charts group bills into seven areas: education, environmental regulation, health care costs, labor and employment, legal reform and protection, water supply and quality, and workers’ compensation.

Partial Picture

No vote record can tell the entire story of a legislator’s attitude and actions on issues of importance to business. To fully evaluate your legislative representative, consult the legislative journals and examine your legislator’s votes in committee and on floor issues.

You can view these via links at

Many anti-business bills were rejected by legislators in policy or fiscal committees, thus stopping proposals before they reached the floor for a vote. The vote record does not capture these votes.

Most bills in this report cover major business issues that are of concern to both small and large companies.

The CalChamber recognizes that there are many bills supported or opposed by business that are notincluded in this vote record and analysis.

A “Best Business Votes” section lists legislators according to the percentage of times they voted with the CalChamber position on the bills selected for the vote record.

This year, the vote record covers 17 votes in the Senate and 16 votes in the Assembly. Most bills in the vote record cover major business issues that are of concern to both small and large companies.

For more details on how the vote record is compiled and descriptions of the bills included, Click here.

Best Business Votes

Print-Friendly PDF


80% or more with CalChamber

Anderson, Joel (R) 17-0
Bates, Pat (R) 17-0
Fuller, Jean (R) 17-0
Huff, Bob (R) 17-0
Moorlach, John M.W. (R) 17-0
Nguyen, Janet (R) 17-0
Stone, Jeff (R) 17-0
Vidak, Andy (R) 17-0

Berryhill, Tom (R) 16-0
Gaines, Ted (R) 16-0
Morrell, Mike (R) 16-0
Nielsen, Jim (R) 16-0

Cannella, Anthony (R) 16-1

60%-79% with CalChamber
Galgiani, Cathleen (D) 11-6
Glazer, Steve (D) 11-6
40%-59% with CalChamber
Roth, Richard (D) 9-8
Pan, Richard (D) 8-9
Less than 40% with CalChamber
McGuire, Mike (D) 6-11
Wieckowski, Bob (D) 6-11
Hueso, Ben (D) 5-10
Liu, Carol (D) 5-11
Allen, Ben (D) 5-12
Hernandez, Ed (D) 5-12
Lara, Ricardo (D) 5-12
Leyva, Connie (D) 5-12
Mendoza, Tony (D) 5-12
Wolk, Lois (D) 5-12
Hancock, Loni (D) 4-12
Beall, Jim (D) 4-13
Block, Marty (D) 4-13
de León, Kevin (D) 4-13
Hall, Isadore (D) 4-13
Hertzberg, Bob (D) 4-13
Hill, Jerry (D) 4-13
Jackson, Hannah-Beth (D) 4-13
Leno, Mark (D) 4-13
Mitchell, Holly J. (D) 4-13
Monning, Bill (D) 4-13
Pavley, Fran (D) 4-13
Senator Sharon Runner (R) absent due to illness for votes on March 31, May 26, June 2. Deceased July 14, 2016.


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