MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Don Quixote and SB 1251 — March 15, 2016

The OC Register‘s Editorial Board made the recent good news the topic of their lead editorial, in the first piece below. Perhaps the subtitle should read "Rematch with Moorlach would siphon GOP money from critical races." See MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Smokin’ — March 14, 2016 march 14, 2016 john moorlach.

The second piece is in the Orange County Breeze and provides our press release on trying to provide the voters of California with a little bit of financial information. I doubt very many residents read the state’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. They should, now that pension liabilities have been added to the balance sheet (see MOORLACH UPDATE — GASB Gasp — March 9, 2016 march 9, 2016 john moorlach).

We’re attempting to provide a little more transparency in a very cost effective way with Senate Bill 1251. Let’s hope my colleagues see the benefit of this recommendation. Note: The title states AB 1251, but it is actually SB 1251.

Wagner candidacy gratuitous, harmful

Rematch with ‍Moorlach could siphon GOP money from critical races.

We certainly don’t oppose competition in any political race, but sometimes it’s just tilting at windmills. That’s the case with the decision of Assemblyman Don Wagner, R-Tustin, to repeat his 2015 run against state Sen. John ‍Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, for the 37th California Senate District. He jumped into the race just before the filing deadline and despite the Lincoln Club of Orange County’s opposition.

In last year’s special election to fill the vacant seat left when voters promoted Mimi Walters to the House of Representatives, Mr. ‍Moorlach won easily, 51-45 percent – even though he was outspent by more than three-to-one by Mr. Wagner. Plus independent anti-Moorlach expenditures that, the Register reported, included $99,000 “from two public safety employee unions – the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs and the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association.”

Mr. ‍Moorlach has done so well because voters remember how, in 1994, he ran against County Treasurer-Tax Collector Bob Citron, warning the county was headed for bankruptcy. After Mr. Citron won that November, the county quickly went belly up, Mr. Citron pled guilty to six felony counts of fiscal malfeasance, and Mr. ‍Moorlach was appointed to take his place.

Mr. ‍Moorlach long has been stingy with the taxpayers’ dollars in both that post and as an Orange County supervisor from 2006-15.

In the Senate, the Republican minority has a tough time going against the Democratic majority. But we have been pleased that Mr. ‍Moorlach has kept his promise last year “to put on my CPA eyeshades.” In January, his analysis of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed state budget found it actually was $117 billion in the red, largely stemming from unfunded pensions.

Mr. Wagner’s run could siphon needed Republican money from crucial races, such as Assemblywoman Young Kim, R-Fullerton, in her rematch with former Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, who in 2014 received $2 million from the state Democratic Party. Such seats are crucial to deny Democrats two-thirds majorities in the Legislature, which would let them raise taxes with no GOP votes.

Mr. Wagner would best spend his time reading “Don Quixote” instead of imitating him.

Senator Moorlach introduces AB 1251 to give voters access to State’s balance sheet

Senator Moorlach introduces AB 1251 to give voters access to State’s balance sheetGOVERNMENT

Facing unfunded pension and retiree medical liabilities of $220 billion or more, California has the highest debt total of all the 50 states, yet voters are asked every election to approve even more bonded debt and to vote for candidates with varying philosophies for state spending and debt.

That’s why Senator Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) announced today that he’s introduced SB 1251 – to require the state’s updated balance sheet, including accounting for outstanding debts and unfunded liabilities, to be printed in the state’s official Voter Information Pamphlet prior to each election.

“California voters need more information by which to assess and decide on ballot questions,” said Senator Moorlach, who is the legislature’s only member trained as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). “We should all be in favor of greater transparency and information for the voters. Providing the state’s balance sheet in the voter information pamplet is a good first step.”

“Taxpayers are being asked to approve more bonds, higher taxes, and more debt,”continued Senator Moorlach. “Before we ask them to make that choice, shouldn’t we let them know what the state’s current fiscal situation is?”

SB 1251 would require that the state’s latest financial numbers, as compiled by the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) from the latest Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR), be printed in the first few pages of the Voter Information Pamphlet, including:

  1. Immediate past fiscal year state revenue
  2. Immediate past fiscal year state spending
  3. Current unfunded state pension fund and retiree medical liabilities
  4. Current estimated of unfunded transportation infrastructure needs
  5. Current issued bond debt
  6. Current Net Unrestricted Assets or Net Unrestricted Deficit from the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

“As a CPA, I understand the value of making good decisions based on sound data,” continued Senator Moorlach. “When we have an informed electorate, we’ll also have an engaged electorate. The more information we can give the voters, the more likely it is that they’ll feel they’re making informed decisions. That will benefit all of us.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator John Moorlach.


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