MOORLACH UPDATE — Book Inclusions — October 1, 2015


One of the byproducts of having predicted Orange County’s fiscal meltdown is being recorded in numerous books. Over the years I’ve provided UPDATES on several of the latest releases.

For a sampling, see:

MOORLACH UPDATE — Crazifornia — September 18, 2012 John Moorlach
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A couple of friends have surprised me with books they have recently written that included kind and brief mentions of me.

The first is Never A Burnt Bridge, by Sylvia Sun Minnick, SMC Press, Stockton, California, 2015, ISBN 978-0615-82748-3. Sylvia also authored Samfow: The San Joaquin Chinese Legacy and The Chinese Community of Stockton (CA) (Images of America). She is a prominent historian who was also a former Stockton City Council member and also ran for the State Legislature.

She selected me to serve on the Discovery of Gold to Statehood — California’s Sesquicentennial Foundation Board of Directors. Commemorating the State’s 150th anniversary was a great experience, as I met some wonderful people, including Huell Howser. But, when the Governor elected in 1998 didn’t buy in, it became a difficult task to pull off. Sylvia got the ball rolling. Her mention of me is the first piece below.

The second is Operation 180 – The Action Plan by Dennis D. Morrison, Westbow Press, 2015, ISBN 978-1-4908-6696-3. This is the first book for Dennis and he shares his passion for a Biblical perspective on the direction of our nation.


SB 331 is one of the bills that Gov. Jerry Brown should veto (see MOORLACH UPDATE — SB 331 — May 4, 2015 John Moorlach and MOORLACH UPDATE — Transparency Turkey —
September 18, 2015 John Moorlach).

Fox and Hounds has a nice piece opposing this bill (see The Santa Rosa Press Democrat also opposes and published a fun cartoon (see


The LA Times also recommended a veto! The LA Times’ website included the following photo of me attentively listening to Sen. Ted Gaines, while on the Senate Floor.

Last-minute work

Lawmakers work late into the night as they race to pass bills at the Capitol building in Sacramento on Sept. 10. (Los Angeles Times).

Also see


With our UPDATEs, I will provide a status report on the 20 worst bills (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Worst and Vaguest — September 22, 2015 John Moorlach).

Bill Summary Status
AB X2-15 Assisted Suicide On Gov’s Desk
AB 2 Return of Cronyism and Property Rights Abuse Signed by Gov
AB 465 Let Every Employee Sue Their Employer On Gov’s Desk
AB 504 The Stop Effective Local Solutions Measure On Gov’s Desk
AB 561 Ag Labor Appeal Ransom On Gov’s Desk
AB 622 No E-Verify Use for Employers On Gov’s Desk
AB 692 Buying Low Carbon Fuel (Since No One Else Will) On Gov’s Desk
AB 768 Stop Pro Baseball Players from Chewing Tobacco On Gov’s Desk
AB 775 The "You Must Counsel for Abortions" Law On Gov’s Desk
AB 888 Microbead sale and distribution ban On Gov’s Desk
AB 1288 Expanding Unelected Air Resources Board On Gov’s Desk
AB 1293 Saving Gov’t Employees from Economic Downturn On Gov’s Desk
AB 1354 Gov’t Intrusion to Your Business Payroll Records On Gov’s Desk
AB 1461 Voter Fraud Expansion/Motor Voter Registration On Gov’s Desk
SB 99 Caltrans Engineers’ Union Pay Spike Signed by Gov
SB 292 Homeowners Pay for Public Employee Pensions On Gov’s Desk
SB 331 Protect Union Closed Door Deal Negotiations On Gov’s Desk
SB 350 California "Economic Cooling" Bill On Gov’s Desk
SB 376 Stop U.C. from Contracting Out Services to save $$ On Gov’s Desk
SB 682 Prohibition on Courts Contracting Out On Gov’s Desk


Our office is very interested in knowing what your priorities are. This e-mail was sent out yesterday and more than 200 responses were received within the first few minutes.

Survey: What are your priorities?

From balancing the budget and reducing California’s deficit to long term sustainability, I want your input on where you want my focus to be.
Please take this short survey (3-5 min.) and let me know what’s most important to you.
Your response will help me better serve you and your family in the State Senate.

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your great comments!



You’re invited to join us for a fall hike with Michael O’Connell, Executive Director of the Irvine Ranch Conservancy. With gratitude to Pamela Newcomb for her wonderful photo of Bommer Canyon.


We received pro bono services from legal and accounting companies and even those in the business sector. They designed Sesquicentennial logos and paraphernalia associated with marketing. My main concentration was creating a nonprofit foundation, purposely to fund all the major activities. Three friends agreed to be the original signers when we processed the tax-exempt paperwork: John Moorlach, treasurer of Orange County; Art Takahara, president of de Anza Manufacturing and former mayor of Mountain View; and Don Geiger, an attorney in Stockton, my friend and cohort when we sued to clean up Stockton’s downtown.

We had energy, we had vision; however, the Sesquicentennial was ill-fated.


. . . I know only one man in Orange County, California, who has taken a godly stand on all the issues, County Supervisor John Moorlach. Supervisor Moorlach has made a difference, and his presence is felt in regard to the laws that are established in Orange County. He does his best to make sure they line up with God’s Word. It doesn’t mean that he can’t be overruled, but his voice is always heard. His term will be up shortly, so I will be praying that he lands somewhere important so the good Lord can use him and his influence for the good of the cause. We just need more Christians like him, more might men and women of valor to serve in politics, so this is where you can pray for your calling in these dark times.


This e-mail has been sent by California State Senator John M. W. Moorlach, 37th District.

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