MOORLACH CALTRANS UPDATE — Dan Walters — August 24, 2015


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Dan Walters: California’s high fuel taxes and bad roads

Sacramento Bee
August 22, 2015

“A cogent – and perhaps unanswerable – question punctuates the political machinations over raising billions of new dollars to repair California’s deteriorating highways.”

“How is it that California motorists are paying some of the nation’s highest fuel taxes, but the highways they use are among the nation’s worst?”

“Including federal gas taxes, Californians are paying just under 61 cents a gallon, the fourth highest in the nation. That doesn’t include another dime a gallon in “cap-and-trade” carbon fees that, if added, would make California the highest-taxing state.”

“Meanwhile, data from the Federal Highway Administration place California’s highways as among the worst in physical condition.”

“The Legislature’s budget analyst says that Caltrans’ new construction units are overstaffed by 3,000-plus employees – which, of course, their union disputes. But it illustrates the culture – and perhaps siphons off money that should be spent on fixing roads we already have.”

“If Brown and legislators want motorists to pay even more – the lead Democratic bill would raise the gas tax by a whopping 12 cents a gallon – they should fess up on why maintenance has been neglected. They should also explain how they’ll keep it from happening again.”

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See videos below of the Senate hearing for Senator Moorlach’s Caltrans reform bill.

VIDEO: Senator Moorlach Introduces Reform
VIDEO: Legislative Analyst Rips Caltrans Poor Accounting Practices
VIDEO: Caltrans Union Representative Struggles With Budget Data

If you would like to request an interview with Senator John Moorlach, please contact Amanda Smith at Amanda.smith.

About Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa):
State Senator John Moorlach represents the 37th district of California, is a trained Certified Financial Planner and is the only trained CPA in the California State Senate. He gained national attention 20 years ago when he was appointed Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector and helped the County recover from its bankruptcy filing – at the time the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. History.