MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Pension Reformer Endorses — March 12, 2015

Carl DeMaio and I have been working on addressing and developing solutions to public employee defined benefit pension plan liabilities for many years. The pension issue has been causing municipal havoc from Detroit down to the City of San Diego, which the New York Times referred to as "Enron-by-the-Sea." Carl jumped in and helped implement reforms in the City of San Diego that have been models for others to consider.

Orange County’s successful Measure J in 2008 (see LOOK BACKS in MOORLACH UPDATE — Social Host Ordinance — November 6, 2013) was inspired by Carl DeMaio’s 2006 Proposition B (see and

One has to take bold steps like Carl DeMaio has in order to address the unsustainable benefits that have been granted by elected officials who did the bidding of the public employee unions. No wonder I am being attacked unmercifully by false and hateful hit pieces by these unions. They don’t want a change agent in Sacramento.

I am honored by Carl’s support, which is covered by the Times of San Diego in the piece below.

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DeMaio Disses ‘Some’ in GOP, Backs Moorlach for State Senate

Posted by Ken Stone

Carl DeMaio isn’t a candidate, but he’s staying in the political game with his endorsement of a fellow pension-reformer in a tough race north of San Diego.

“A key race for California State Senate will happen (March 17) in Orange County,” DeMaio said in a statement Wednesday. “I’m writing because it is imperative that my good friend John Moorlach win this key election.”

Calling Moorlach “the real deal,” the former San Diego councilman and failed candidate for mayor and Congress said: “He helped save Orange County after the bankruptcy. I have seen even some Republicans bow to the demands of the government union bosses, taking their campaign cash and returning the favor by voting to give them our tax dollars. Not John Moorlach. He stands up for us taxpayers.”

DeMaio called for contributions to Moorlach’s campaign and pointed to this link.

Money may be more important than endorsements for Moorlach, who also posted an ad (above) Wednesday, attacking Republican rival Don Wagner in the currently vacant 37th District.

According to the Orange County Register, Wagner has raised four times as much as Moorlach.

Moorlach consultant Tim Clark acknowledged last month that the campaign would be outraised by Assemblyman Wagner. But he said that given Moorlach’s superior name ID, $200,000 in fundraising would be enough to prevail.

As of Thursday’s filings covering fundraising through February, Moorlach had raised just $108,000 to Wagner’s $371,000. Moorlach had $8,000 more debt than cash on hand, while Wagner had $118,000 remaining in his treasury.

The Register also said Wagner has $161,000 in independent expenditures – money spent by special interests on Wagner’s behalf, independent of his campaign.

“There has been no independent spending for Moorlach,” the newspaper said.

This e-mail was sent by the Moorlach for Senate campaign —

Those willing to assist financially can go to, call Phyllis Schneider at 714-368-0260, or mail a check made out to Moorlach for Senate 2015, and mail it to 360 E. 1st Street, #736, Tustin, CA, 92780.