MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — The Better Man — March 11, 2015

The Daily Pilot provides a letter to the editor that sums up what many are thinking. My opponent has no record of accomplishments to boast of, so he has fabricated lies and distortions about me and willingly prints them in his hit pieces. It is truly saddening.

Even more disturbing, many voters will believe what they read in their mail and cast a vote based on a misunderstanding of the facts (see MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Missed the Mark — March 2, 2015 and MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — PAC Funding — March 6, 2015).

I know this is what campaigns are all about. But, making accusations that are patently false? Really? Why would we want to send someone to Sacramento who has no compunction about deceiving potential voters?

Fortunately, one informed Daily Pilot reader did some homework and voiced her conclusions in the letter below.

Daily Pilot

Disregard political mailers

My mailbox is filling up with political mailers.

The upcoming Senate race for the 37th District is likely to be a poorly attended election. It is difficult to get voters out between presidential elections. Local races, no matter how important, just don’t have the pizzazz that the national elections generate.

I am no longer a member of any party, finding all of them to be wanting, and thus I do a lot of research and fact-checking before I cast my very valuable vote for a candidate. This sudden influx of hit pieces from one candidate trying to persuade me via wild accusations against his fellow candidate, former Supervisor John Moorlach, made me sit up and take notice.

Wow, I thought I’d followed Moorlach’s career and knew a fair bit about his accomplishments. I have to thank the opposition candidate for allowing me to double check my facts and reinforce my conviction that Moorlach is the better man. I only hope that my fellow voters, no matter what party they favor, do the same.

Check out anything and everything you read on these mailers. It should make you mad enough to go to the polls and vote for Moorlach.

Kathleen Eric

Costa Mesa

This e-mail was sent by the Moorlach for Senate campaign —

Those willing to assist financially can go to, call Phyllis Schneider at 714-368-0260, or mail a check made out to Moorlach for Senate 2015, and mail it to 360 E. 1st Street, #736, Tustin, CA, 92780.