MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Truth-Twisting — February 24, 2015

Don Wagner Makes Truth-Twisting Into an Art Form
(Orange County, CA) – When Don Wagner broke his promise against taking any union campaign cash, and then, in a Clintonesque style, claimed that the pledge ‘didn’t apply to legislators,’ Republicans were left wondering what happened to this professed ‘conservative.’

Now, Don Wagner is breaking another pledge – that of telling the truth. This week on television and mail, Don Wagner accuses John Moorlach of raising taxes – even though there has not been any tax vote, nor any attempt to raise taxes, during Moorlach’s tenure on the Board of Supervisors.

Wagner also accuses Moorlach of raising fees. In fact, Moorlach cut dozens of fees while on the Board of Supervisors, and suspended several others.

Then, incredibly, Wagner claims that Moorlach “voted to double his vacation time.” Small problem. County elected officials do not receive vacation time or sick leave time. There was nothing to double. It still would have been zero.

These facts haven’t stopped Wagner, whose thirst for political power apparently trumps any ethical moorings he may profess to hold. Consider that Wagner had to blatantly take Orange County Register news quotes out of context, intentionally misquoting stories in order to levy these attacks.

Here’s an editorial that Wagner hasn’t yet quoted – that of the Orange County Register’s endorsement of John Moorlach:

Mr. Moorlach possesses a track record as a knowledgeable truth teller willing to rock the boat on behalf of the taxpayer…Mr. Moorlach was instrumental in putting the county back on an even fiscal footing, serving nearly 12 years as treasurer-tax collector before joining the supervisors. On the board, Mr. Moorlach was a reliable voice for good fiscal stewardship and instituting much-needed pension reforms.

In his four years in office, Wagner has not achieved even one single major accomplishment. But, to his cunning credit, Wagner has found a way to break his no-union-money pledge and manufacture false charges against his opponent.


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