MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — OC Register Guest Editorial — February 22, 2015

The Sunday Commentary Section of the OC Register contains side-by-side editorial submissions on the two main candidates in the 37th Senate District special election on March 17. Below is the one that advocates a vote for me.

The campaign is on in earnest and the hit pieces have been arriving in mail boxes. I am being accused of raising taxes. The majority of revenues, 92%, in the Orange County General Fund comes from property taxes.

I would dare someone to identify the vote where I raised property tax rates. You won’t find it, as it can’t be done. Prop. 13 set the rate, and it is impossible for a Supervisor to raise your taxes.

Stating that I raised taxes is not true.

I’m complimented by this false attack, it implies that I am ahead and in need of nasty mail pieces to help give my main opponent a reasonable chance. But, stooping to the misuse of terms in slick mail pieces is disingenuous, desperate and dishonest.

I will admit to having raised fees. A County Supervisor is both an executive and legislative position. When fees for specific services are below the actual cost of providing those services, then raising them is an appropriate and pro-taxpayer vote to cast. Otherwise, all taxpayers are subsidizing those who come to government for specific and unique services.

What is not told is how many fees I reduced or eliminated. One recent example is a vote that Supervisor Shawn Nelson and I made to eliminate a fee charged by the Orange County Fire Authority when, in your hour of true need, are charged for advanced life support services. We lost this vote 2 to 3. You can appreciate why I am proud to have Supervisor Nelson’s endorsement (see OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson Endorses John Moorlach for Senate).

I could go on. But, wordsmithing and spinning the truth is what campaigns are all about. I just wanted you to know that my votes were cast to protect all of the County’s taxpayers. As I stated in an October UPDATE, "Leadership demands that elected officials do the homework and know when the fee increase is just and appropriate."

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Moorlach for state Senate District 37


If you blink, you might not even notice when, on March 17, a new state senator is elected in the 37th Senate District. On that date, the political establishment will try to lock in a taxpayer-funded job for one of its own to replace Mimi Walters. A Republican assemblyman, Don Wagner, has been endorsed by nearly everyone associated with party politics in this so-called “safe” district for Republicans. That’s how things are done in establishment politics; with early endorsements and fundraisers, the establishment candidate tries to create the impression that the outcome is inevitable in a politics-as-usual world.

We recommend a better way. Vote for John Moorlach. If you live in the 37th District – and it is huge, encompassing Anaheim in the north, Irvine to Lake Forest in the middle, and the beach cities from Huntington Beach down to the south end of Laguna along the coast – you can change things by supporting John Moorlach, the citizen candidate who for more than 20 years of public service has followed principle over self-interest.

John achieved instant fame in Orange County more than 20 years ago when he blew the whistle on County Treasurer Bob Citron. Citron was the darling of the political establishment during the 1980s and early 1990s because he made huge returns investing the county’s money. Moorlach was not popular because he said those investments were foolhardy – unsustainable. The establishment successfully opposed John when he ran to unseat Citron, but then everything collapsed, just as John had predicted. John was then elected to salvage Citron’s mess out of the Orange County bankruptcy, then the largest in history.

John served eight years as treasurer and eight years on the Board of Supervisors. No doubt, John rankled the establishment, who thought he was unnecessarily difficult during negotiations with public employee unions. But John has principles; public unions’ interests are not aligned with taxpayer interests. When John served us, he could not serve the unions, too.

For example, he made public employees pay their fair share of their too-high health and pension benefits, saving taxpayers over $1 billion. John took the lead on Measure J, a ballot measure that requires voter approval before pensions can be increased. He also initiated COIN, an ordinance that opens negotiations between county bureaucrats and unions to the public so that voters can know how their elected representatives behave in the dealings that affect taxpayers the most. Public unions have opposed John on all of these measures.

During the 20-plus years that we have worked with John Moorlach, he has never broken any promise to any political organization, to voters, or to any of us personally. Nor has he accepted union money; in fact, the unions have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to unseat him. John Moorlach is a man of principle and a man of his word. That counts for something because one does not find it very often in politics these days.

Among the most daunting challenges faced by California is the fiscal irresponsibility of its state and local governments. Because of his rock-solid principles and demonstrated talents as a certified public accountant, John Moorlach is respected on both sides of the aisle for his innovative ideas and steadfast desire to help restore California to the Golden State it once was.

When elected, Moorlach will be the only CPA in the Legislature. Republicans can ill afford to pass up the opportunity to make this man, with his combination of talent, passion, integrity and principle, part of the GOP team. It is time to turn back to the principles on which our party, and our country, are based. John Moorlach is the perfect place to begin.

Robert Loewen and Richard Wagner are former presidents of the Lincoln Club of Orange County. David Bahnsen, Al Frink, Manuel Ramirez, Mark Bucher, Mary Anne Brown, Jim Lindsay, Walter Myers and Rick Muth also contributed to this column.

This e-mail was sent by the Moorlach for Senate campaign.