MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — HB Community Forum — February 22, 2015

As a candidate for the 37th State Senate District seat, I understand I’ve become a source of protracted conversation on the Huntington Beach Community Forum. Allow me to make some clarifications.

It appears that long-time friend Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is supporting Don Wagner because of some alleged statements that were made by a former staffer of mine.

I have researched this claim and can find no public meeting where the supposed quotes were made. Nor can I find where I have changed my positions.

I oppose illegal immigration and the granting of amnesty.

I support capital punishment.

I support the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

And I support the ability to obtain a CCW permit, for applicants that are qualified.

However, it can be difficult to limit what staff members do with their personal lives. Take Rohrabacher staff member Naz Namazi. Is she insubordinate for filing to run in the 37th Senate District against Dana’s wishes? Or did Dana give her a wink and bless her efforts?

Naz recently sent out an e-mail attacking both me and Don Wagner. It was sent out from Dana’s e-mail list. Was she insubordinate in using his proprietary list? Or did he wink and bless her access to it?

If she was insubordinate, then why hasn’t she been dismissed? If Dana is colluding with her, then he’s involved in a major charade and has some serious explaining to do.

Dana has grasped for some rather weak straws to make a case against me. My public record is very transparent and I have always been accessible. Dana has never raised his concerns to me during any of our private conversations over the past few years. And his tacit assistance to a third candidate makes his involvement in this campaign all the more curious.

Dana’s criticizing me over my former staff member, while his current staff member is running out of control strikes me as disingenuous and hypocritical.

Dana should fess up and help his constituents and friends understand this odd behavior. Many of us are very interested in knowing the real truth.

Could it be that Dana is opposing me because we’ve disagreed on which candidates to support in recent races?

I can understand that, but that’s no excuse to make false claims about my record.

In fact, I’ve never played the “political game.” I’ve never supported someone just to earn their support. I’ve never supported a policy position just to strengthen my fundraising position.

Instead, as an accountant, trained as a C.P.A., I’ve looked at the numbers and made rational, fiscally conservative decisions. It’s about being consistent. Consistency is what has helped Orange County recover and prosper. That’s what will help the State of California. That’s what I intend to do.
John M. W. Moorlach, Candidate, 37th Senate District

This e-mail sent by the Moorlach for Senate Campaign.