MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Endorsements — February 10, 2015

On Friday, I had the opportunity to have another debate with Assemblyman Don Wagner before the Board of the Lincoln Club of Orange County. After the conclusion of the debate, the Board membership fell short of an endorsement for my candidacy by a few votes. As a result, a few key leaders of the Lincoln Club decided to do something independently and the Orange County Breeze covers it below.

On Saturday morning, the California Republican Assembly, one of the oldest Republican grassroots organizations in the state, held an endorsing convention. Only members of units (chapters or clubs) within the 37th Senate District were permitted to participate and vote. With 33 delegates present, 26 voted to endorse my candidacy. One delegate voted to stay neutral. Consequently, the two-thirds threshold necessary for an endorsement was easily obtained and exceeded.

To sum it up, good, conservative Republicans who are active in very reputable organizations have concluded that I’m the best candidate to serve as the next State Senator for the 37th District. This is very encouraging news for my campaign.

We have a fund raiser tomorrow evening. For more information, go to:

Orange County Breeze


John Moorlach sweeps up independent Lincoln Club endorsements

A significant group of Lincoln Club officers, board members, and past presidents have endorsed John Moorlach in his bid for the state senate seat left vacant by Mimi Walters election to the United States Congress. The group of men are acting independently in their endorsement, believing Supervisor Moorlach to be just the exceptional candidate for whom special endorsements are needed.

“In John Moorlach you have a 20-year track record of defending efficient government, fiscal responsibility, and civic leadership. He has served in two major offices under one guiding light – principles of integrity and service,” says past Lincoln Club president and current member of their Board of Counselors, Michael Capaldi.

The group of men making this endorsement include former Hispanic 100 president and California Board of Accounting president, Manuel Ramirez; past Lincoln Club presidents Robert Loewen, Richard Wagner, and Michael Capaldi; as well as current board leadership and executive committee members David Bahnsen, Al Frink, and Mark Bucher.

“We believe that keeping your promises matters. We believe that a track record of getting things done matters. And we believe that a heart for making California what it once was matters. We don’t need a laidback official who will mostly vote acceptably; we need strong leadership and a track record of reform,” says club leader David Bahnsen.

The Lincoln Club bylaws prohibit endorsement in a contested race without a 75% vote by the Board of Directors. The men in this endorsement are acting with unanimous permission of their board to endorse independently.

E-mail sent by the Moorlach for Senate campaign.