MOORLACH UPDATE — Post-Mortem — November 7, 2014

The Voice of OC has a new columnist who is really an old columnist, as she explains in the introduction in the first piece below. I actually enjoy her acerbic, no-holds-barred writing style. Sometimes Barbara and I agreed, sometimes we sparred, but we always did our best to maintain a healthy professional relationship. Thank you, Barbara, for being a documenter of history in the Newport-Mesa area. You were very productive. Now that it is a time for me to reflect back on the last eight years as a County Supervisor, who made it a priority to communicate when media coverage occurred, here are some examples of her work, as chronicled through my UPDATES of the last five years (and I could provide more, but you’ll have to review my LOOK BACKS for those):

MOORLACH UPDATE — Begets — June 15, 2014 – A review and update of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital column (see December 19, 2014 below) is provided

MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Star Wars Day — May 4, 2014 – Barbara covers a touchy topic concerning candidate character as a result of a discussion in one of the “Feet to the Fire” debates

MOORLACH UPDATE — Distinguished Alumni — April 5, 2014 – The upcoming “Feet to the Fire” debates are announced

MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Filing Period Opens — February 16, 2014 – The 2014 Annual Newport Beach Mayors’ Dinner is covered

MOORLACH UPDATE — Homelessness Review — December 19, 2013 – The Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas scandal is addressed

MOORLACH UPDATE — Nineteenth Anniversary — December 6, 2013 – Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry’s announcement to run for the seat that Assemblyman Allan Mansoor is vacating is announced

MOORLACH UPDATE — Feet to the Fire — October 11, 2013 – A chat with Assemblyman Allan Mansoor is provided

MOORLACH UPDATE — Bridge Bash — August 16, 2013 – Assemblyman Allan Mansoor’s marriage to Jannifer is announced

MOORLACH UPDATE — Finding Monica — April 27, 2013 – The Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital patient dumping scandal is introduced

MOORLACH UPDATE — JWA & CEO — March 22, 2013 – The negotiations of the John Wayne Airport Settlement Agreement extension is speculated on (a major point missed by many is that Boeing 737s are carrying more passengers, so increased flights is more remote in the future)

MOORLACH UPDATE — Marilyn Monroe — February 15, 2013 – The 2013 Annual Newport Beach Mayors’ Dinner is covered with a fun personal twist

MOORLACH UPDATE — Passion and Punches — September 21, 2012 – The Orange County Regional Recreational Trails Advisory Committee is the topic

MOORLACH UPDATE — Remembrance — June 1, 2012 – The proposed Mesa Drive horse trail is promoted

MOORLACH UPDATE — Horse Manure — April 13, 2012 – The Mesa Drive horse trail controversy is introduced

MOORLACH UPDATE — Hob-Knobbing with Homeless — February 14, 2012 – Hob-Knobbing at the 2012 Annual Newport Beach Mayor’s Dinner is covered

MOORLACH UPDATE — Term Limits Plus — January 26, 2012 – My attempt to change term limits for county supervisors is the topic

MOORLACH UPDATE — OC Register — December 9, 2011 – Costa Mesa snatching away my Chief of Staff, Rick Francis, is announced

MOORLACH UPDATE — Laura’s Law – Plus — November 22, 2011 – A correction to Barbara’s November 19, 2011 column is provided

MOORLACH UPDATE — Barbara Venezia — November 19, 2011 – She discusses the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ money grab from John Wayne Airport and an announced candidate running for Newport Beach City Council

MOORLACH UPDATE — Super City Stir — August 20, 2011 – The “super city” concept causes a stir

MOORLACH UPDATE — Venezia Column – From August 13, 2011, which addresses the “super city” concept

MOORLACH UPDATE — OC Register — July 29, 2011 – The Santa Ana Heights electrical line undergrounding begins

MOORLACH UPDATE — Property Taxes Due — April 9, 2011 – The property tax deadline is featured

MOORLACH UPDATE — Take a Hike — March 4, 2011 – The idea of selling government assets is addressed

MOORLACH UPDATE — PA/PG — February 4, 2011 – Barbara ruminates on my pension battles and their source provides for an attempt at “revisionist history”

MOORLACH UPDATE — JWA Fast Food — January 20 – In 2011, she’s lovin’ it

MOORLACH UPDATE — Take a Hike — January 7, 2011