MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — Newport-Mesa — October 26, 2014

Election Day is drawing near and you’ve got to love all of the mail. One piece told me to "Check the Facts," stating that Allan Mansoor had voted "for toll lanes on the 405." It provides a copy of a correspondence from 2009.

Here are the facts. Five years ago the OCTA Board was told that unless a tolling option was considered, there may not be enough funding to widen the 405 Freeway. Consequently, we moved forward with this potential option until the facts disclosed that it would not be needed for funding purposes. This vote was the proper position for Allan Mansoor to take at that time.

Now, if only Michelle Steel had been a resident in the County of Orange five years ago, she may have been familiar with the context of the vote.

Reviewing many of the Republican candidates this season in Orange County, one sees a pattern of phony addresses and phony names. It will make for a fun, but very awkward, story to tell after the votes are cast.

The big news, Allan Mansoor was here in the County five years ago as a Costa Mesa City Councilman and a Director of the Orange County Transportation Authority. Five years ago, Michelle Steel was living in a lovely home in Palos Verdes. Isn’t it nice that we can import candidates from another county to run for this County’s Second District Supervisorial seat?

The Daily Pilot has a lengthy piece this weekend from the candidates in the jurisdiction it covers. The responses of the two Supervisorial candidates are provided below.

Here is my Voter’s Guide for those living in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. I have listed the registered Republicans, with exceptions for those of different parties that I am very familiar with. Since the article refers to the city council candidates, they are included. I am neutral in the Assembly race. I’ll try to provide this type of information for as many other races as I can as time permits. Remember, Bold means an endorsement, italics means a good second choice, and regular print is for informational purposes:


JIM RIGHEIMER (Rep and Incumbent)





RUSH HILL (Rep and Incumbent)





Daily Pilot

3 questions: Where Costa Mesa City Council, Orange County Board of Supervisors and State Assembly candidates stand on the issues

Orange County Board of Supervisors District 2

State Assemblyman Allan Mansoor and former state Board of Equalization member Michelle Steele are running for county supervisor. The Daily Pilot asked each candidate the same three questions:

1) What do you think is the most important function of the Orange County Board of Supervisors?

2) What issue do you plan to address first on behalf of District 2 constituents, specifically?

3) What is one decision that the current board has made that you disagreed with and how would you have handled the situation differently?

Their responses, edited for space and clarity, are below:


Allan Mansoor

1) The function of the supervisors is to serve the people we seek to represent, not use it as a springboard to Congress via moving here from Los Angeles. Oversight and accountability to the taxpayers regarding how county funds are spent is crucial. Also, an open-door policy with the people I seek to represent and open discussion of the issues. I have earned the endorsement of trusted leaders like outgoing Supervisor John Moorlach because of my true advocacy on behalf of taxpayers. I have also led by example and refused all pay raises in the Legislature.

2) I will work to get the board and Orange County Transportation Authority to proactively reject toll lanes. My opponent is backed by proponents of toll lanes, while I have been an outspoken voice against this triple taxation. It’s not enough to say you’re against toll lanes, as using Measure M funds to widen bridges will enable toll lanes. We have enough funds right now for two free lanes on the 405 if you take into account the $500 million in documented waste on the 10 and 110 toll lanes. Make no mistake, their goal is toll lanes on all "freeways."

3) The board recently voted to give pay increases to offset employee pension contributions. This defeats the purpose, is not reform and treats employee groups differently. With the recent decision by a judge in the Stockton bankruptcy case saying that existing pensions can be cut, we all have a vested interest in needed reform. My opponent refused to tell the press how she would have voted on that contract. How can you seek to represent the people when you play both sides and don’t tell them what your position is on the most important fiscal issue facing our county?


Michelle Steel

1) I firmly believe that the most important function of the board as a whole, as well as its individual members, is to ensure that the county government serves the residents with as much efficiency, fairness and transparency as possible. It is a role that I am familiar with while serving the residents of District 3 of the Board of Equalization, including all of Orange County. As residents, we depend on the board to ensure that the bureaucracy is following all the rules, operating at the lowest possible cost and delivering the highest level of service.

2) I want to make sure that Measure M funds will not go toward building toll lanes on the 405. With the recent news that the state is willing to ignore the wishes of the voters of our community, we need to be prepared to stop actions by those in Sacramento who have an agenda of their own. That will require a unified board working with Orange County legislators on both sides of the aisle, to communicate clearly with Caltrans and the governor. I am prepared and determined to lead this effort on behalf of our neighbors in District 2.

3) We call Orange County our home because there are many things we do right here. And although we can learn a lot from the past, I am focused on the future. I am committed to working with the entire board to have a balanced budget, transparency throughout county government, and a positive environment for small businesses. Furthermore, I want to ensure that the county is on a path to stronger financial footing so that quality public safety services remain in place, we continue investment in infrastructure, and we aggressively paying down our unfunded pension liability.

I have e-mailed this from my personal account.