MOORLACH UPDATE — Cypress Chamber — April 25, 2014

The annual Cypress Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and Installation Dinner has been moved from June 19 (MOORLACH UPDATE — Man of the Year — April 11, 2014) to June 18. The Orange County Breeze provides the date change and announces the lifetime achievement award for Tim and Linda Keenan, who have been involved in Cypress and Orange County for many years. It’s in the first piece below.

A couple of years ago, I stated at a Board of Supervisors meeting that the District Attorney’s ordinance to bar those on California’s registered sex offenders listing from entering County parks would not hold up in court. This prediction proved to be correct, with the California Supreme Court declining to hear the DA’s appeal on the matter this week (see But, how do you vote against allowing individuals identified as possibly being sexual predators from entering County parks? You don’t.

In the same vein, how do you vote against veterans? You don’t. Unless you’ve had enough of grandstanding for political gain. I fully explained my vote in my UPDATES (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Daily Pilot — April 19, 2014, MOORLACH UPDATE — Man of the Year — April 11, 2014, and MOORLACH UPDATE — You’re Being Political — April 9, 2014). However, I understand the optics. I also understand that if someone didn’t do the necessary homework, they would come to the wrong conclusions. What I didn’t expect is that the ignorance on the vote would come from Canada in the second piece below. The author obviously doesn’t know that I was the only one to provide a legitimate plan to actually fund a veterans cemetery. But who would want to confuse him with the facts?

I prepared a condensed consolidated Balance Sheet for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for my last speech. This Department is upside down by $1,721,321,000,000! Ironically, it’s due to unfunded actuarial accrued liabilities! So how does one demand funding from a broke agency? If you read my previous UPDATES, you’ll see that I have a real funding and operational plan and not some false hope of potential funding in the far distant future for our veterans. (So fault me for having the courage to tell Orange County veterans the truth!)

Linda and Tim Keenan to be honored by Cypress Chamber with Lifetime Achievement Award

Linda and Tim Keenan, long-time Cypress business owners who have been active in several organizations over the years, will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Cypress Chamber of Commerce at its annual Business Awards & Installation Dinner June 18 at the Old Ranch Country Club at 6 p.m.

The Keenans will be joined by retiring Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach as Man of the Year, Orange County Breeze publisher Shelley Henderson as Woman of the Year and Union Bank as Business of the Year. The awards will be preceded by the installation of the Cypress Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year, which begins on July 1.

“Our Business Awards have come to symbolize the greatness and support the City of Cypress has from business leaders and the community as a whole,” said Cypress Chamber Board Chairman David Macdonald. “These people and businesses have helped build and maintain the City of Cypress and this year’s honorees reflect the efforts of many. This is an opportunity for not only our members, but for the community at large, to join us as we salute these people and businesses. We are looking forward to a great time on June 18th.”

Tickets for the business attire event are $55, with tables of eight for $400 if purchased by June 6 (after that date tables of eight will be $440). The event also features a printed program where sponsors, friends and business associates can place ads to honor the award recipients. Contact the Chamber for details at 714-827-2430.

The article above was released by the Cypress Chamber of Commerce.

Editor’s note: the date has changed from Thursday, June 19, to Wednesday, June 18.

Why have our Military Veterans become the most despised, neglected and abused "minority group" in the United States of America?

American Politicians; Political Cowards!

By Robert L. Rosebrock

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans:

America’s politicians are proving to be the biggest cowards in the world.

The next time they want to declare war, let them and their families fight it themselves.

A few years ago, the so-called U.S. Government sold 4,682 acres of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Orange County, CA to developers, yet they could not find it within their “grateful hearts” to set aside a paltry 100 acres of that land to bury America’s Military Veterans who have defended our Nation’s freedom and safety.

Even while our government notoriously neglects and abuses countless Veterans at the VA hospitals and waits for them to either die or commit suicide, there’s no available American soil in Orange County, CA, to bury them with Military dignity and honor.

“Veterans cemetery near proposed Irvine school site could be a ‘deal-breaker’ – OC Register

“Petty and Spiteful” – Irvine Matters

Lest we’ve forgotten, in 2003 then-Secretary of State Colin Powell was asked whether the U.S. plans for a war in Iraq were perhaps for “American empire building,” and the retired Army General answered: “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

And for those who have returned to the United States, ungrateful and cowardice politicians in Orange County are more interested in aiding and abetting in “corporate empire building” for the fat-cat developers than in providing a relatively small parcel of land to bury the men and women who served our Country with honor, and on behalf of all others.

Less than 8% of our Nation’s population are Veterans. And without their selfless service, there would be no America, no prosperity that the fat-cats enjoy and take for granted at the expense of these brave and courageous men and women.

Why have our Military Veterans become the most despised, neglected and abused “minority group” in the United States of America?

In Tuesday’s Orange County Register, an article titled “Irvine Considers Veterans Cemetery,” it reported: “County Supervisors John Moorlach and Shawn Nelson, meanwhile, doubt whether it’s realistic to expect the state or federal governments to put up the needed cash for such a cemetery in Orange County.”


Think about it!

Our U.S. Government can “put up the cash” (trillions) to fight wars but it refuses to donate a small parcel of land to honor and pay respect to those who fought these wars and bury them on U.S. soil with the dignity and honor they deserve. Instead, they wage war over 160,000 acres of land to protect desert tortoises.

If Orange County Supervisors Moorlach and Nelson do not have the courage to stand up on behalf of America’s Veterans and “DEMAND” that our state and federal government provide “such a cemetery,” then it is “realistic” that they need to be recalled, as should any and all elected public servants who put Veterans last on their agenda, and for some, Veterans aren’t even on their agenda.

It’s bad enough that corrupted politicians and VA bureaucrats have aided and abetted in the giving away of more than 100 of the 388 acres of Veterans land for non-Veteran use at the Los Angeles National Veterans Home, but when Orange County politicians refuse to assist in getting 100 of the 4,682 acres at the former El Toro Marine Base for a Veterans Cemetery, this simply underscores that political cowardice, greed and corruption are spreading and it’s become an epidemic.

May God have mercy on our great Nation, but not on our political cowards.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

“War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is.
Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

Join the Veterans Revolution—whether you are a Veteran or a Citizen Soldier, and fight the cowardly politicians and corrupted government bureaucrats.

Show up every Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 PM, on Veterans Freedom Plaza outside the VA’s locked front gates at the Northeast corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards, west of the 405 Freeway, adjacent to the community of Brentwood.

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